10 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas For Teachers

I think all of us can agree after a year of virtual learning and homeschooling our children that our teachers are under appreciated and are super heroes!! I only had to get 2 teenagers to do their work. CAN. YOU. IMAGINE. a Classroom full of kids EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?!?  No thank you!! Lol!!! I knew a long time ago that the teacher life was not for me!! :) 

I am married to a teacher so I have had a peek behind the curtain for many many years. I see all of the hard work that goes into my husbands job. I see how much he cares about his students and how he worries about them and pours into them. Last year was so hard on him. He hated not being able to see all of his students in person, he hated not being able to see their smiles and faces behind the masks, he struggled with teaching all day in the hot mask, he worried about the ones who were home and weren't completing their assignments and he worried about the mental health of all of his students. It was hard. 

As our teachers and students head back into the classroom during this every changing uncertain time I am praying for some normalcy for all and safe and effective year! 

I wanted to give you guys some fun and easy ideas for some things you can do to show your appreciation for your childs teacher or for any teacher in your life. It doesn't have to be fancy...just heartfelt! 

Make someone's life sweet today!


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